Thursday, January 10, 2013

When I wake up on Thursday mornings and remember that it's Thursday I know I've got plenty to look forward to in the kindergarten schedule.

Andy comes in with his string bass. So we start with a song. Today we sang "My Body Makes Music" and "Frog in a Bucket." We sounded great.

Then there's centers. My center is about assessing the reading progress that each child is making. And while there is nothing particularly fun about running DIBELS tests, it is gratifying to see how much progress the students have made since earlier in the year. A lot of  progress, let me tell you!

Speaking of which, please keep working on the sight words already given out. A little daily practice is better than intense sessions for most kids. Group the words by categories: (color words, number words, days of the week, months, etc.) until your child really knows the words they know. Then, gradually add a word at a time.

Thursday is buddy day. We washed the play dough tools and brought in a new batch of very green play dough that I made last night.

Others set up the doll house.

And others built a small room of cardboard blocks and filled it up with buddies.

Eleven happy kids in a small room...

We had drama today. Dana broke the class into small groups and then gave the students costumes to wear. Then they imagined stories to fit their chosen costumes. Imaginations were exercised.

And, of course, Thursdays are "green shirt" days, meaning that we ride bikes on Thursdays. The weather was good, although a little brisk.

A good day.

Be well.

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