Monday, January 14, 2013

News on Monday

At centers I am doing "benchmark" assessments to see how the class is coming along. Running kids through formal assessments have never been my favorite thing to do, but these little check-ups do tell a story. What story? In almost every case: a lot of progress in pre-reading skills. So in the end, even these activities are gratifying, if in a formal way.

The assessments have to be done individually. I take small groups into the quiet room and give the three students who are not with me something to do. Today this arrangement of rods was put together by one of the students waiting for his turn.

After, Noah approached me from around a corner and said, "Look what's on my shirt." I didn't know what he wanted to show me, but I did not expect to see this:

Hello, Mr. Bearded Dragon!
We finished the day bicycling in the cold winter sun.

A nice day in kindergarten.


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