Monday, January 7, 2013

Names & Numbers

We're refurbishing the names around the room. I took down all the names displayed in uppercase letters. By the end of the week the names will be displayed in a more "first-grade" style—using a capital letter followed by lowercase.

The wall around the top of the room looks bare now, like it did on the first day of school.

Looks pretty blank up there.

Tomorrow we will glue the new names. Each student picked out the color for their own name.

 No centers tomorrow, but centers will start back up on Wednesday.

One of my kindergartners has an interest in numbers. He likes to think about multiplication and he's learned some of the multiplication facts. He wanted to know what six times six was, but wasn't sure. We used dominoes and arranged them like this and soon he knew the answer to his question.

Six times six is thirty six
We had a nice first day of 2013 in school today. The students seem to have grown since I saw them last.

Be well.

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