Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last Day of January, 2013


Some of the other centers we're running this week are exploring the use of scales. We've got three balance scales for the students to use and they intuitively know that the results found on one set of scales is likely to be the same regardless of the scales used.

Here Madilynn's father leads the students in predicting how many small plastic bears it will take to balance larger plastic bears.

In the cooking center students are baking biscuits. To me, this is almost a science project to see the biscuit mix change from powders to dough to quick bread. 

Rachael Zell led this center yesterday.

Camille, our student visitor from SRJC helped to lead this center today.

Madilynn's mom is helping students make wonderful little drawings that begin as thumb prints. More on this later.

Another art oriented activity is crayon drawings made on hot plates. I love the chance to do the activities right beside the students. Noah wanted me to draw him a red Harley Davidson, so here's what came of it.

During Buddies today, Nathan helped Curtis in a Lego project. They came up with a cool vehicle.

And the day ended with Kylie learning to ride on two wheels. She began this last half hour crestfallen that the training wheel equipped bicycle that she had hoped to ride today was already taken and that she would have to wait for her turn to use it.

I knew that she was ready to graduate to two wheels and Mrs. Everson was on hand to give her the confidence to learn. So she got her start on a 12" wheeled bicycle that was really small for her, but gave her the assurance that she could get her feet on the ground before toppling over. That was all she needed and she was soon off riding as you can see in the photo below with Mrs. Everson looking on in the background.

Ten minutes later, Kylie decided that she didn't really need to ride the too-tiny bike. Her confidence had grown enough that on her own she exchanged the little bike for a 16" wheel bike that fit her size much better.

Inside 30 minutes she had learned this skill.
She was glowing by the end of the session.

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Matt Daniel said...

Great job Kylie!!! So proud of you!!!