Thursday, January 17, 2013

Halfway Through

Day 90.

Exactly halfway through the kindergarten year. Already.

I have seen a lot of growth in the class, especially in their fast-developing prereading skills. I am busy measuring these skills in center and in KIDS club.

DIBELS paraphernalia

We didn't mark the day in any particular way.

I said yesterday that I would post a few pictures of the winter scenes that we made to decorate the east classroom wall. Here are three of them. These pictures are evocative for me in a way similar to Thom Kinkade pictures, I guess.

Other art activities happening in kindergarten right now are Gods-Eye Weavings. Some of the fifth grade buddies took interest in these and made them while visiting kindergarten:

Kindergartners efforts are pretty good, not quite what a 10 or 11 year old can manage, but still good. Here are some Gods-Eyes made with kindergarten hands.

It was Austin's day today to bring snack and she did a humdinger of a job. Seaweed which was relished by quite a few of us (think HEALTHY potato chips) as well as Wheat Thins and hard-boiled eggs.

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