Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Each morning as the first rays of sunlight begin to appear among the stars on the eastern horizon, my wife and I enjoy a cup of coffee and talk about the day.

Lately we've been looking not only out our windows but also at the iPad with its "Living Earth" app which shows us the real-time weather around the world. We are particularly interested in New York where my daughter lives and Athens, Georgia where my son lives.

I really like this app because it gives us a way of seeing the earth from a larger perspective.

Here's a picture of the app as it appeared at the end of school today.

I was showing the kindergarten this app when an idea for a better way of displaying the world map in my classroom dawned on me. I could pull it off the wall from above the white board and tie it to the wooden chart holder. That way, it would be where kids could really see it up close.

In the past I used to teach about the world map in kindergarten. Years ago, one of my former kindergartners, Joey Flora, was a contestant in the California finals of the National Geographic's Geography Bee. This class seems to be quite interested in it, so we'll work with it in the second half of the school year.

Be well.

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