Thursday, December 13, 2012

More Fun

Leland decided to impersonate Rudolph in centers the other day.

 Kinda goofy, and lots of fun.

Jaelyn, Mary, Carley, and Mariana have added hearts to their names on the wall. Almost everyone has learned all of their classmates' names.

Mary, Carley, and Mariana did it today.

I'm really pleased at how many students have mastered the Soundabet. Thirteen of twenty two have mastered at least the King's Cards. Another half dozen students are within just a few of this goal. That's pretty good. As always, the way to success is regular practice using the known cards and letting the learner choose the cards to add to the mix. If you see a confident kid, you're doing it right.

As we move from letter names and letter sounds to whole sight words and to blending words we begin to enter the realm of reading. It's exciting for me to see the class blossom into early readers.


Today we ran through all of our songs for the Winter Concert on December 21. The class sounds very good.

I hope you will be able to come to that early morning concert.

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