Monday, December 3, 2012

Four milestones and some big vocabulary

There's an old saying about taking advantage of the opportunities that present themselves that goes, "Make hay when the sun shines." Well, the sun shone today and Mrs. Everson took full advantage of the sun and dry pavement to teach bicycle riding skills to two who are new to the idea of riding on only two wheels.

Here are a couple of photos showing the first rides of Mary and Taea, both of whom learned how to ride today.

Mrs. Everson is the best! The opportunity for this arose not only because of the weather, but also because there were a few extra minutes on the playground this morning because two students earned us some bonus time due to their demonstrations of mastery in early reading skills.

Caroline and then Curtis showed us all that they have mastered the lowercase Soundabet, known more familiarly around here as the "Queen's Cards." There is a number of classmates who wish to join them in showing their mastery.

Congratulations to both Caroline and Curtis.

Today was a banner day for Caroline because she also was awarded the certificate of appreciation for using her Toolbox tools at the morning assembly that opened our day today. Well done, Caroline.

Janelle Petersen sent me an email with a photo attached showing William teaching his little brother, Jack, about the Soundabet. William's definitely filling some buckets with that: mine, his brother's, his mom's and his dad's and I am sure his own as well.

William at home with brother Jack

Finally, (this is for adults in audience) during school today, one of my scholars, who shall remain unnamed, was soberly sounding out the word, "horse." He or she was making a laborious and deliberate effort and taking his/her time to get this word sounded out correctly, and doing quite a good job. I was amused when he or she stopped about halfway through to say, "'HHH-ORR' Hey, this is a word I'm not supposed to say."

Kids these days have some pretty large vocabularies, don't they?

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