Thursday, November 15, 2012

Three New Biker Riders

We had a lesson on a tool that's not exactly part of the Toolbox Program, but might easily be thought of as one of the basic tools: The Hello/Goodbye tool. I had noticed that some of the kindergartners don't say hello or goodbye on a consistent basis yet, especially with each other. So we had a lesson about that today, and we ought to see more hellos and goodbyes from now on. Saying hello and goodbye to the people you meet is one of those habits that can make your world a friendlier—and happier—place.

Here, as promised to some of you, is a short 6-minute video introducing the Toolbox Program we use at Dunham. It's a charming video featuring mostly the voices of school age children who have found the Toolbox tools of real help in negotiating the challenging moments of growing up. I hope you find the time to watch it.

Toolbox Project Introduction (2012) - 6:30 from Peter Hwosch on Vimeo.

Kylie earned us a little bit of extra time at the end of the day for bicycles by being the second girl to master the Soundabet. Thank you Kylie!

Mrs. Everson put that time to good use. She taught THREE kindergartners how to ride on two wheels in just one day, setting a new all-time Dunham School record in that category. Congratulations, Mrs. Everson, Jackson, Nora, and Mariana. You all made my day.

Launching Jackson

Away he goes

Giving Nora a start

There she goes

Mariana wanted in on the fun

And she learned, too.


Matt Daniel said...

Great job Kylie!!!


Matt Daniel said...

Great job Kylie!!!


Brooke Tester said...

Oh goodness, I just watched the video! (I didn't get to go to the parent training) How awesome are these kids who use toolbox? And how great that we all get it at Dunham? So cool!
And - way to go bike riders!!

Dan Gurney said...

Matt, yep, Kylie did it. I'm hoping other girls in the class follow Kylie's lead.

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Brooke,

I am glad you saw the video. I hope others will too. It's amazing how really eloquent those kids are. I especially like the kid who talks about "listening to the heart." Some kids are such old, wise souls.

I wish someone had taught me the Toolbox skills when I was a little guy in school. It would've helped me out a whole lot.

Jinksy said...

I was so impressed with this video, I put it in a post, as well as a link to your blog...
But somehow, it caused me a headache - started playing immediately Napple Notes was opened, which wasn't OK after a later post showed up! However, this morning I've cracked the problem! Thanks for such an inspirational post.

Dan Gurney said...


I am glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for linking to it on your blog. I am contemplating doing some videos for Mr. Kindergarten in 2013. Just have to climb a learning curve on video making.....