Thursday, November 29, 2012

Three High Points & Some Other Stuff

One suggestion for enhancing family life is to ask each family member to think back on their day and to share a high point or two or three with other members of the family. You can do it at dinner time or during the drive home from school, at bath time, or just before bed.

One of the reasons I like to keep this kindergarten blog is that it offers me the opportunity to reflect on the day's events. Knowing that I will type out a short report before I leave school prompts me to look for—and take note of—those shining moments that always there but easy to miss. For me, the hardest part of this blogging project is winnowing it down to just a few moments. Otherwise I'd be pecking at the computer far too long.

So here are just three (of many many more) moments from today, listed chronologically:

Singing with Andy & the class at the beginning of the day, and then following that up with some ukulele lessons during centers. The class sounds good already and we still have three weeks to hone our performances.

Story time after snack. William brought a mystery book from the "Nate the Great" series. We read the whole thing. Many of the kindergartners figured out the mystery before it was revealed at the end of the book. It's great to see their story comprehension skills develop so naturally.

William Z. and his book
He brought an awesome snack, too.

Third: A Happy Surprise in KIDS club
Noah learned the whole Soundabet. He progressed really quickly in the past month or so, quickly enough to surprise and delight me.

The other stuff:

Tonight is the performance of the Little Mermaid that Dunham students are putting on. It's a Liberty School and begins at 6:00. I plan to be there.

We need some materials for holiday art projects:

Empty cereal or cracker boxes.
Tofu containers. You know, like this:

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