Friday, November 2, 2012

See You Tonight!

I hope to see many of you at tonight's concert at the Sebastopol Community Center. We are scheduled to open the show at 7:00 tonight. Plan to arrive a ten minutes before if you're coming just for the singing. No special outfits—come as you are, only maybe a little bit nicer. No charge for kids under 12.

Come when the doors open at 6:30 if you enjoy Larry Vito's famous North Carolina BBQ pulled pork. It's been a consistent winner at the local fairs. As good as it gets.

Our class sounded good in rehearsal this morning, so it ought to be fun. I told the class that feeling nervous butterflies before the show is TOTALLY NORMAL and to expect those butterflies to be big and strong. No worries.

Nervous feelings will be smaller when we start singing, and by the end of the first song they should be manageable. As we bow and go offstage, those nervous feelings will be gone. Feelings of elation (or at least relief) will replace the butterflies. Many people love the wash of feelings you get from performing for an audience. Some people even spend good chunks of their lives going back for more.

Update on the class.

Those who've known the Soundabet for a while are getting faster and faster. Our new speed record holder is William P. He can go through the whole deck in 47 seconds. Other leaders are listed on the chart.

Curtis and Jackson added their names to the growing list of the kids who know the whole Soundabet.

At pick up time Wyatt was using his soundabet knowledge to sound out all kinds of words—with great confidence and ease. For a new reader to tackle words like "Handwriting" and "Centers" is just a great thing to see.

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