Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Modified Tenzi

Another day in kindergarten!

We tried out a new game called "Tenzi" that I've modified slightly for kindergarten. Simply put, working together, each player rolls one die at a time until it comes up to an agreed upon number.

Players take turns deciding which number to roll for. In the photo below you can see that we  had decided to roll for twos.

There are about 10 die for each player. 
It's a cooperative, team-oriented game. We share the dice. When all the dice are rolled enough times so each one shows the same number, another player chooses a different number to roll for and play begins again.

I am enjoying parent conferences. It is good to get better acquainted with you parents and to share what we know about the kindergartners here.

One mom showed me a shopping list written by her son. I love to see work like this. He is spelling word just as they sound: chyz for cheese, joos for juice, kanddy korn for candy corn. And, of course, he spelled toy exactly right.

Be well.

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