Monday, November 5, 2012

Jaelyn Had a Little Lamb

Another day gone in a flash....

We began with an assembly. The kindergarten performed "They All Asked for You" for the rest of the school. William Z. got the "Toolbox" recognition for using his tools in the month of October. He reminded me and the rest of the class to remember our breathing tool as we took the stage before the large audience at Sebastopol's Ukulele Festival last Friday. He's also used his "empathy" tool while out on the playground. Congratulations, William!

Jaelyn's sharing day is tomorrow, but I asked her to bring in her sharing one day early as it would fit better in a day between centers, as today was. The sharing was a lamb.

We went outside because the morning was so bright and the air was unseasonably warm.

Jaelyn with the little male lamb. His mom had 3 lambs.

That's cow's milk in the bottle, same as we give to our two-legged lambs.

Mom wasn't feeding him enough, so Jaelyn helps with the bottle.
Besides the assembly and lamb visit, we talked a bit about fog and where it might go when it "burns off" in the sun. The kids seemed to understand that since fog is really a cloud on the ground and that clouds are made of water, that perhaps they simply disappear in the sun like a puddle of water.

So we went outside and swirled a cup of water on the playground. After taking a mental snapshot of the water, we went inside to start book one of the Magic Treehouse series. When we went back outdoors for recess to see what happened to the water on the playground there was no trace of it left.

We wrote a few words on chalkboards. We used a calculator to add up the flies swatted in recent weeks. Would you believe 342? Flies like fall around here. (You can read that sentence two different ways, and they are both true.) We did the Hokey Pokey.  The class so quiet at snack time that Jackson got to lengthen bike time by deleting something from the schedule. He chose the Soundabet. 'Course he knows the whole thing now.

Jackson brought "Go Dog, Go!" for story time.

We enjoyed a nice late morning ride around the playground on bikes.


I told the class that Thursday's schedule will be extended through 2:30 on the occasion of the Walk-a-thon. Please remember to send a lunch to school with your child on November 8.

Thank you.

Be well.

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