Thursday, November 8, 2012

Busy times....

I'm having trouble uploading photos to the blog. I can do so only laboriously, so just a few photos today.

Photo credit: Melody White

Today's walk-a-thon, though threatened by morning showers, went off this afternoon under ideal cool partly cloudy conditions.

None of the kindergartners skinned their knees. It went off well.

We had lots of help from kindergarten parents in preparing for and running the event—thanks to all of you who lent a hand to the day. The kids had a good time.

In class we've begun writing a "morning message" to show how writing can record language. Here are a couple of examples....

Janelle Petersen worked on the drum as well.

Jeff and Rachael Zell. Not pictured: Janelle Petersen

We had buddy time with our fifth grade buddies.

Be well.

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Melody White said...

What a FUN day! Thank you Jeff, Racheal and Janelle the drum looked GREAT!