Wednesday, November 28, 2012

First Longer Schedule Day/Homework

Today was our first longer Wednesday and everything went smoothly.

We began the day singing "This Little Light of Mine" with Andy Tester bringing in the bass. We opened up a new round of centers. Madilynn's mom brought in a new gecko for us to learn about. Here it is walking up Madilynn's right arm.

We've begun decorating the room the the coming holiday season. Taea showed me these ornaments she made with Mrs. Everson.

It was Nora's birthday today. She brought in a treat which we enjoyed at the end of snack. She also marked the day by taking the microphone in hand and showing us she knows the whole Soundabet. Her mom was so happy that she got up the courage to do it that way. I was happy, too. Way to go, Nora, and happy birthday, too!

William P. brought in his sharing story, a wonderful book called, Have You Filled a Bucket Today? 
It talks about prosocial behaviors using the metaphor of filling invisible buckets and contrasts those behaviors with antisocial behaviors which it calls "bucket dipping." It fits hand-in-glove with the messages of the Toolbox program and with my guiding rules of "Be Safe. Be Happy. Be Kind." The class enjoyed a good discussion about it. Ask your child about what happens when you fill someone else's bucket. Hopefully, they will answer that when you do something to make another person happy that you will also feel happier as well. It does work that way, in my experience.

When I began the reading the story it was dark outside. Rain fell from the sky in sheets. It was crazy rainy weather. Story time was to be followed by some indoor play time—indoors due to the rain. Having play time indoors disappointed many of the children who had been hankering all day to get outside.

As if by some heavenly intervention, the clouds parted to reveal a big blue sky with late November sunshine spreading across the playground.

The class had not been outside at all. I decided to take the class to go outside to play even though there were some deep puddles to work around, or through, as the case may be. It was good to get outdoors, if even for just a few minutes. Their pent-up energy found release in the wide open playground.

As deep as puddles get around here

A well-washed world
What a beautiful day.

I hope that you and your child will enjoy the homework. Please keep in mind that most of the kindergarten homework this year will involve parents or other family helpers. This is by design. Part of what makes homework fun in kindergarten is connecting with the elders. When that happens it is usually a win-win. Be sure that homework is enjoyable for all concerned. If it is not enjoyable, let me know, we'll figure out what we need to do to fix that.

Be well.

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Brooke Tester said...

I got a good demonstration of filling a bucket and bucket "dipping". Very cool. Thanks William P!!