Thursday, October 11, 2012

Squeeze Play

When I was a youngster growing up in Altadena California I was a member of a little YMCA group called "Indian Guides" that engaged fathers and sons in projects once a week. One of my clearest memories was of seeing a hand-powered apple press make juice from apples.

You don't see such machines all that often these days, but if you were here at Dunham today you would have seen just that as part of the garden program. A hand powered apple press—this one provided by Sebastopol Hardware to Dunham School free of charge (it normally rents for $50) because, well, the owner of that store, Mark Sell, is a nice guy. Thanks, Mark!

Jennifer Toguchi, Madilynn's mom, did the leg work in getting it from Sebastopol Hardware to here.

Mr. Hansen provided the arm power and teacherly oversight. Local families provided us with apples to juice.

Here is the kindergarten class out there this morning:

That's Mr. Hansen and Jennifer with the kinders. Here's what the fresh squeezed juice looked like:

We juiced apples with half the class at a time.

I took the other half of the class indoors to play on their ukuleles. We starting to synch up on the strumming and sound better. We are going to perform for you early in the morning on Halloween.

So mark your calendar and plan on staying till about 8:20 or so.

In centers today, Andy, Curtis's dad helped make paper airplanes. We fly our things from the platform on the play structure for longer flights. Andy is a musician who wrote a song about paper airplanes. If there was ever a guy for this job, it's Andy. He plays the stand-up bass and plans to be part of our Halloween show....

For story time Madilynn brought the familiar Very Hungry Caterpillar, but with pop-up illustrations. The class liked the illustrations a lot.

More of a home run than a pop up.

Okay, that was lame, sorry.

But I just learned the Giants won the Division Series and will go on to play in the NLCS.

Go Giants!

Be well.

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