Thursday, October 25, 2012

Buddy Day

This day between centers included a math lesson offering the opportunity to estimate the circumference of a pumpkin.

Students cut yarn to the length they thought would encircle the girth of a pumpkin. We then arranged the lengths of yarn on the mat according to length. By trial and error, we found closest guess. Jayson came within three and a half inches or so—a good guess, indeed.

We had the help of our fifth grade buddies toward the end of the lesson.

What are fifth grade buddies, you ask?

Each year we pair kindergartners with fifth grader buddies to enhance of feeling of belonging and protection for our youngest students.

Today was our first meeting with our Buddies. We got to know each other through some choice time activity. I think the fifth graders are as appreciative of playtime as their younger peers.

 Right after buddies we went outside to the garden to plant nasturtium seeds. Nasturtium seeds look strikingly like little brains.

It was another fine day in kindergarten.

Be well.

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