Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tallying on the Fly

Today was the 34th day of the kindergarten year. We are locked into a good groove now and learning is happening. Frank Bacon announces the day.

We began the day with some small block building.

Grace made this structure....

And William Z. something quite similar. Leland's got a staircase going.

Kylie, who brought her grandparents along to visit as we unlocked the door, made this apple tree. The blocks on top are red apples.

Curtis made my day by showing me how much of the Soundabet he has learned since I last checked in with him two weeks ago. He has only these four left to learn, and I'll bet he knows them soon. Many kids are making great strides in learning to read, learning to write, and learning to spell.

We also do math, but in kindergarten "doing math" really means using numbers in meaningful ways. We took a close look at the clock this morning and noticed how the long hand moves much more quickly than the shorter hour hand. Here is how the clock looked as we went out to the big bars for morning recess. I had the kids use their imaginations to "see" what the clock would look like when we returned after recess.

And this is how it looked when we came back indoors.

We read Leland's story about quick-thinking mouse who invents a Gruffalo to help him scare away a fox, an owl, and a snake who wanted to eat him. The class enjoyed the book. Thanks Leland!

Wyatt, who took the Important Book home last night, brought it back today. We read in the book that the important thing about Wyatt is this: he likes to help people. And, sure enough, he does. He eagerly took care of floor detail after snack this morning getting the spilled chocolate milk with his floor sponge and bucket. Good job, Wyatt.
 We had music with Andrew again today. Andrew always says that the Dunham Kindergarten is the best group of kindergarten singers in the county, and I think that's true. We will have a concert for you on Halloween Day.

More math. We have been keeping a tally of the flies swatted this week. We are up to 60 so far. It's fly season out here in the pastures north of Petaluma. As thick as they are this year, it's usually worse in October than this, so I guess that's good.

As I write this two volunteers (a dad with one boy through kindergarten and another boy soon to come) is installing a new granite counter top for the kindergarten sinks. You will notice the upgrade tomorrow morning.

May you enjoy the afternoon.

Be well.


andy tester said...

Curtis has been working at home a lot on identifying letters in words and snuggling them together. Thanks for introducing the concept in this way - its not only helpful, but very sweet

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Andy,

I could easily see that Curtis had been working at home on the letters and sounds. In all my years of teaching I cannot remember any student making progress faster than Curtis has accomplished. He completely "gets it" and will be reading a lot by Christmas.

So you play the bass? You gotta bring it in. We can play together for the class. Okay?