Tuesday, October 9, 2012

PE & Library

Ms. Campbell wanted me to share about her PE lesson today.

She was using a special soft football to teach the youngsters how to throw and catch a football.

She breaks down the way to throw a football into three steps:

  • Scarecrow (student stands with arms fully extended out at shoulder height)
  • Shoulder (student cocks arm with ball so ball is held over the shoulder)
  • Throw (student releases ball)

A good many kindergartners could throw an amazingly good spiraling football pass by the end of her lesson. Here Aidan tosses one.

Kindergartners who came to school in shoes that she deems inappropriate for active playground play have to walk the track and miss out on the PE lesson she teaches. Please remember that Tuesday and Friday are PE days in kindergarten.

After PE we visited the library where Mrs. Burger read us a story about bats visiting a library. The class enjoyed Mrs. Burger's reading. Mrs. Burger enjoys the kindergarten.

Be well.

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