Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Math Patterns

Math in kindergarten may look like math to adults. Today we were making patterns with geometric shapes like triangles, squares, rhombuses, and trapezoids.

But to kindergartners, it was just fun.

We started out with simple patterns. I asked everyone to begin with one yellow hexagon and six matching pieces to go around it. I got many different results some of which are pictured here:

Once most of the students got this much done I encouraged them to elaborate their designs and we got some much more interesting results.

Some added figures outside the main design.

Others added a one-color border to their original design.

And others really went to town. Taea's design was one that everyone thought was nice. If you look at Nora's design (next to Taea in the orange jumper) you'll see that she began with a false start.

Look at Nora's do-over at the top of this picture:
Pretty remarkable!
Other stuff:

We had Andrew for music today.

There will be no centers tomorrow. We're going to do some math with a pumpkin.

Here's something to put on your agenda for Halloween:

(Go Giants!)
Be well!

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