Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Festivities

We had a full day of Halloween festivities today.

We began with a concert in the school community room. We had a good turn out. Mrs. Amador's fourth grade joined the audience.

 It was our first concert of the year and it went well.

There was time to play afterwards. At the end of the day we enjoyed a party put on by a bevy of volunteers. There were pumpkins to decorate, pumpkin cookies to adorn with toppings, and slime to make.

Photo by Janelle Petersen

There was a parade at 12:30. A good many of the kindergarten class took part in the parade even as the weather began to turn cloudier and cloudier.

I had lots of photos which I accidentally deleted. Ah well, I saw that many of you had some good group photos. If anyone would like to email me a photo of the kids in costume, send it along and I'll put it up here.

Photo by Brooke Tester

Thanks, Brooke!

Be well.

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