Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Doctor Dan The Bandage Man

This morning Nora showed up to school with a book to share on her day for sharing. She brought A reissued Little Golden Book first published in 1950, the year before I was born. It was titled Doctor Dan the Bandage Man. I hadn't seen this book since I was about 5 years old myself.

I remembered this book far more vividly than I expected. The story's the main character, Dan, has the same first name as me, so I probably locked this story away in my long term memory with a stronger lock than regular memories from early childhood.

Anyway, Dan hurts his finger while playing a cowboy game. He cries, goes to his mom, and receives some care and a bandage from his mother. She tells him he's better than new and sends him out to play. The rest of the book tells about Dan passing along the kindness his mother showed him. He goes out and puts bandages on his little sister, her doll, and his dog. All in all, a lovely little tale.

I was not surprised that he receives a "Cowboys don't cry." message from his mom when she's tending to his wound. That's definitely how it was back in the day. I'm sure it is still like that now for many boys. For others, perhaps they would receive something else.

I have seen many scrapes and scratches. I give kids lots of bare attention and say something like, "Show me where it hurts." I have a look, ask questions, and if there's a bit of blood, "Do you want a bandage?" A lot like Doctor Dan in the story......

I was surprised that I had forgotten that she tells him he's "better than new" with his new bandage. I think that what his mom told him is true, actually. Sure, he hurt his finger. But his feelings of inclusion and his feelings of being worthy of attention and care outweigh a hurt finger.

He's better than new because he received care and attention from his mom and he goes out to share that caring energy with his world, multiplying it. A simple story, and a good one.

After snack today Leland picked up the whisk broom and dustpan without anyone asking him to. He got the whole floor clean. He knows how to make Mr. Gurney happy!

It was a great day in kindergarten. Good days often start with good things, and this one was no exception. Andy Tester joined me in singing with the class. We sang Down by the Station, a song that can be sung as a round with Andy leading one half the class and me the other. He's bringing his string bass tomorrow, so..... I'll bet tomorrow gets off to a great start as well.

Thanks Andy!

Finally, if you like documentary movies that will lift your spirits I recommend one playing now at the Rialto Cinemas in Sebastopol called Searching for Sugarman. It's about the rediscovery of a musician. Gee, it will make you feel good.

Well it did for me.

Here's a link to a page where you can see trailer:  Sugarman

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