Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Day Between Centers

We finished a round of centers and will begin a new round of center activities tomorrow.

On days without centers we do a variety of whole group activities, today using chalkboards to practice our Soundabet skills in writing mode. We wrote familiar "sight" words that we've learned with our dances with Heidi, works like, "and" "go" "on" & "off" as well as other more complicated words like "moon" and "spoon." The kindergartners did very well with this practice.

Since it was our 30th day of school, we had to bundle our sticks and get outside to run 100 laps. It was Jackson's day today so he did the honors of making sure we did all 100 laps.

Wyatt learned to ride on 2 wheels today. Way to go Wyatt.

More tomorrow.

Be well.


Lynola said...

Can you explain more how bundled sticks help you run 100 laps? Thanks!

Dan Gurney said...

Hi Lynola,

Thanks for asking. It's mostly (entirely?) arbitrary.

I just want to make the class notice there is something noticeable—no, remarkable—about the jump from the 9 to the 10, from 19 to 20, from 29 to 30.

Having the class run 100 laps makes it seem noticeable and significant. So we do it.