Tuesday, September 18, 2012

You Never Know...

I just never know when a kindergartner will surprise me by boldly stepping beyond a learning milestone. Not a day goes by without a bunch of kindergartners stringing together achievements like so many pearls.

Curtis, who seemed to have no interest in holding a gecko last week, surprised me by holding the crested gecko today. His dad, Andy, who was in kindergarten to see it for himself was delighted to see. To my mind, the crested gecko is a more fearsome-looking creature, so I just didn't expect Curtis would have any interest this week. He proved me wrong. I grabbed my camera.

Curtis holding the Crested Gecko

I abandoned the early reading center again in favor of the cooking center. We did read a book called Pizza, and William P., William Z. and Wyatt collectively read it cover to cover sounding out words like pour, mix, roll. toss, stir, spread, chop, sprinkle, bake, smell, cut, & eat. There were illustrations to help, but still, I was impressed by their ability to sound out words. Wyatt is doing this all the time.

Wyatt made a pizza that, I think matched how he felt when he was able to read the book as well as he did:

The group as a whole did a good job assembling and eating our mini English muffin pizza creations.

Caroline is able to name all of her classmates, thereby joining the handful who've been able to show me that they know everyone in class. That's what the red heart at the last letter of her name indicates.

Caroline's red heart indicates that she knows everyone's name.

The same holds true of William Z:

William Z knows everyone by name.

With sand left in the hourglass, Caroline demonstrated that she knows the whole of the Soundabet. Now it is a matter of learning the lowercase letters (not a big deal) and then combining those sounds to make words, (yes, a big deal). She's well on the road to literacy.  (Teachers call combining letter sounds into words "blending.")


Anonymous said...

Hurray for Curtis! And hurray for everybody else! Curtis is a very, very good friend of mine, as are his parents and baby sister, and I am so thrilled that I get to see what he's up to everyday in Kindergarten. I am a PreK teacher in SF and I love seeing what activities are provided and how enthusiastic the children are, as it helps me to develop my own K readiness activities. Thank you, Mr. Gurney!


Dan Gurney said...

Sally, thank you for leaving a comment. I am glad you find some value in the blog. You do very important work in preschool!

Andy tester said...

I love seeing these kids progress, and I feel so lucky to have a chance to be there first hand - thank you for the opportunity!

Dan Gurney said...

It's my pleasure, Andy! Having parents volunteer is a triple win: the parents win; the children win; I win. Thank you for coming in to help out.