Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Voicebox Books: Snuggling the Sounds into Words

In kindergarten this week we will make skill-building books called Voicebox books.

Voicebox Books are designed to help kindergartners learn the sounds and to learn to snuggle the sounds together into words. Many teachers call this process of snuggling one sound into the next (so that the sounds come together to make a word) "blending" but for these books I call it "snuggling." It's warmer, and what kid doesn't like to snuggle?

I want the children to glue the little sounds on the paper so close together that they snuggle with each other—both on paper and in their mouths.

Voicebox books collect words that are organized according to their VOWEL sounds. This is because the vowels are rascally devils that don't behave themselves very well. Whatever I can do to make vowels appear to be under control, I'll do. These books serve that purpose.

This center rotation, the kids will be bringing home a book carrying the title, "MY OO BOOK." Please hang on to these books and collect them. A collection of Voicebox books has more value than single books seen one at a time.

This week's book emphasizes the "OO" sound. Every page has that "OO" sound on it. Some children will come home reading the book with ease. If that's your child, have him teach the book to a younger sibling or to your dog or whatever.

At the other end of the spectrum, if your child has almost no clue about how to read the book, offer tons of help. The point is to help your child feel supported and successful. Okay?

Remember to "snuggle" [blend] the individual sounds into words. Say them as if you were singing them—without any pause—from the word's first sound to its last sound.

Here is a look at this week's book. (Your book may vary.)

Be well.

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