Friday, September 28, 2012

Four Windows... & a reminder

Here are four photos showing you a glimpse into kindergarten....

 In centers Jennifer Toguchi is introducing the kindergartners to a praying mantis. The students have an opportunity to hold it if they wish. I really appreciate the work Jennifer is doing to enrich the kindergarten this year.

 On Thursdays, Jennifer also helps in the Dunham garden. The kinders go out half a class at a time. The other half stays inside with me to play in the classroom band.  They get a choice of instruments to try: ukulele, drums, maracas, and tone bells. We have fun and make some pretty good music.

At the end of center time, the kids get out books to look at (or in some cases, read) as classmates from the other centers finish up their work. Here is a picture I took today with William Z.'s mom, Rachel, and Jaelyn's mom, April sharing books with the kinders on the green mat.

Wyatt knows the names of all his classmates.
Wyatt took the microphone today to try to name all of his classmates. Like many a boy, there were some girls' names he wasn't too sure of, and even though he wracked his brain, one name eluded his memory. The same thing happened yesterday. In spite of working really hard on this, he brain froze with the mic in his hand and the whole world watching. I am sure someone out there can relate to this situation.

In any event, his mom was there, and, after a few tears, I brought him into the inner office where my computer where I have everyone's photo in iPhoto album, and Wyatt was able to show me that yes, true to his word, he DOES know everyone's names. As long as "stage fright" isn't getting the better of him. His stage fright will lessen as he gains experience using the microphone. It just takes time.

So up on the wall pinned by his name is the red paper heart attesting to the fact that he has learned everyone's name.

I admire his courage—for that is what Wyatt showed, courage—in taking the microphone in hand again today and giving it his best try. Moments like these making teaching a rewarding career.


The following students do not have an emergency kit here at school. Please supply one, just in case. Thank you.

Robert, Noah, Mary, Leland, Jayson, Grace, Carley

Enjoy the weekend, wherever you are, and

be well.

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