Monday, September 24, 2012

Taea's Birthday, 100 Laps, No centers tomorrow.

Only the most abbreviated post today because I am due at a meeting that starts in less than 10 minutes.

We finished a round of centers tomorrow. If you are a Tuesday parent volunteer, you can have the day off tomorrow, as we will do a group art lesson tomorrow as we reload for a new round of centers that will start on Wednesday.

Today was Taea's birthday. Her mom brought in mini cupcakes which we enjoyed with snack. She is five years old today. Happy birthday, Taea!

We went out on the track to run 100 laps. We'll do this several times this year to practice using larger numbers. William P. who was the person of the day kept track of our laps. The fastest boy in kindergarten this morning was William Z. The fastest girl was Jaelyn. Each of them ran six times around the track, quickly enough to lap me twice, but I'm among the slowest in the class.

Sorry for no photos today. I kept forgetting to grab the camera. That's okay; I don't have time to post photos anyway....

A good day.

Remember, tomorrow is PE day. Sturdy playground shoes.

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Anonymous said...

Dan, so glad to see that you are incorporating physical activity w/using larger numbers. Yea for physical activity! April