Friday, September 7, 2012

School Picture Day

Today was School Picture day. It went well. We did not have anyone who was unduly anxious about posing for the school photographer, as sometimes happens in kindergarten.

School picture day interferes with our usual morning routines. It made it difficult to fit in our normal instructional centers, so we took the day off from centers and will resume them on Tuesday morning.

I took advantage of this to finish up collecting baseline data about each student's reading readiness. Some kindergartners are reading already, others have learned quite a lot about the letters and their sounds, while others are getting their first exposure to the world of letters. There is quite a range.

The baseline data I've collected tells me who needs advanced challenges and who needs some catching up. This information is what we will be looking at on Monday morning as we prepare to meet the individual instructional needs of each kindergartner.

More about that will be the subject of future posts here.

For now, please enjoy the splendid late summer weather we have right now. Until next Tuesday morning, please,

Be well.

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