Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Physical Education Program

We are fortunate to have a physical education program here at Dunham School. Ms. Campbell, who is a PE specialist, runs the program for all classes kindergarten through sixth grade. In kindergarten we see Ms. Campbell on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Today Ms. Campbell was having the class skip, hop, slide step, and reach across their bodies laterally.  She took notes so that she has a record showing which students struggle with these tasks. I was observing as well. I could not help but notice the strong correlation between PE skills and early reading skills as indicated by the tests I just administered to the class. After all these years that correlation is not surprising to me, but it is still mysterious.

People have different theories as to why a kid who finds it difficult to touch his right hand to his left toe also tends to have trouble seeing letters without scrambling them up in his head. As far as I know no one knows why this happens so often.

A good day here.

In other news.....

Jackson's got a brand new baby brother, Desmond. Congratulations to the Allen family!!

Be well, everyone.

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