Friday, September 21, 2012

Lots of Helping Hands

When I got home late last evening from my ukulele club meeting, I checked my email messages and found out that Mrs. Everson would not be in Friday because she'd be taking her son in to have his arm looked at—and that no substitute could be found for her. The old me would have lost sleep over news like this, but I trust the world to bring me what I need and I slept soundly. I had already talked to Jaelyn's mom and Madilynn's mom, and William Z.'s dad about my usual crew being there tomorrow, so I knew I had a solid team to get through the first part of the day.

To make it through the first part of the morning, I asked some moms to stay on board overtime on to help me through recess, and, thanks to the powers that be, Madilynn's mom and both of our Williams' moms offered to stay on and help the kindergarten class carry on as usual. With all of their help, we got it done. Thank you, April, Janelle, Jennifer, and Rachel for being there today to help me.

Rachel, Janelle, & Jennifer—thank you!

Mrs. Everson's son's X-rays were encouraging, and the doctors gave him and his mom clearance to come to school, so the whole crew was on deck and the SS Kindergarten back on course by recess time.

It takes lots of helping hands to keep things shipshape around here.

Speaking of which, we could use one more crew member on Wednesday mornings. If you can add a day to your schedule or know someone (grandma? grandpa) who might like to help us out Wednesday mornings till about 8:45, it would help a lot.

I now have permission slips signed from all the class members, so I can post better pictures.

Yesterday we had time for some more ukulele playing. We are working on how to hold the instrument and on basic strumming skills. They can make a good C chord.

Ryder brought a favorite read-aloud book to share with the class. We enjoyed it.

Taea led us in a dance called "Listen and Move." Here, in response to boing-boingy music, the class hops in line around the room.

 Taea brought a perennial favorite, Cinderella for story today.

I hope you enjoy the first weekend of autumn which will start officially here on the west coast a bit before 8:00 tomorrow morning. For me, I plan to be on my kayak somewhere on Tomales Bay to mark that moment.

Be well.

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