Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jokes, Math, Writing

We started the day with a couple of jokes. The person of the day, William Z. had one ready:

Why did the cow cross the road?  [Answer at end of post.]

And Caroline had a follow up joke:

What has four eyes but cannot see? No one could guess the answer to Caroline's joke [Mississippi] so I spelled out MISSISSIPPI on the pocket chart, but even with that help, her joke seemed to escape a good number in the audience. Lots of the class could not see (I should say, HEAR)  anything that might connect four eyes with four I's. 

So, for them, the joke was "ungettable" and I know that's not really a word, but you know what I mean.

I thought to wonder if Caroline had any idea of what Mississippi might be, so I asked her, thinking she might say "It's a river." or "It's a state." or something like that. 

Caroline knew the answer, of course. She had her answer ready.

"Mississippi is another planet," she informed us.


Today's between-the-centers lesson came out of a book and song called "Driving My Tractor." 

In the story/song a farmer loads 1 cow, 2 donkeys, 3 pigs, 4 lambs, and 5 hens into a trailer. I saw here an opportunity to show a very concrete method of solving a problem about numbers. 

So we did a math inquiry as to how many animals were in the trailer. We would find out how many animals were in the trailer by drawing all the animals and counting them. 

But before I started drawing, I asked for everyone to guess. Guesses ranged from 7 to 110. 

Once the guesses were all in, I drew pictures of all the animals and we counted them. There were 15.

Robert correctly guessed the answer. I asked him if he knew the answer was 15, and he told me, "No, it was just a guess." 

All this drawing led to an interest in doing some drawings in the art center.

[Note to teachers reading this blog: One way to cut way down on paper waste is to have kids draw on little pieces of card stock cut to the size of business cards. The small size of the business card format matches the attention span of the student. They fill up the space with ease. They can try lots of different drawings in one session. This will cut down on waste and expense.

I got a large supply of cards donated to the classroom. You can too. Also, try mixing wet watercolor brushes with your marking pens. The washable ink in the marking pens runs into nice washes.]

Jaelyn's artwork. Okay, I drew the pink pig.
 Of course not all kids want to write and draw. Some would rather build. So we got the blocks out too and some pretty amazing buildings went up. Here's a detail of a city that a bunch of kindergartners worked on together.

 In KIDS club today we wrote on chalkboards. Writing is a great way to reinforce reading. Here some KIDS clubbers showing their chalkboards with FOX written on them.

What else?

We had PE. We visited the library. Mrs. Burger read a book about Corduroy visiting the library. We had William Z.'s tasty turkey sandwiches, cheese, and cherry tomatoes. We missed Jayson all day and Ryder most of the day. I am certain he'd have rather been in school today. He got three shots at the doctor's office! We were glad to see him when he got here late in the morning.

See you tomorrow.

Be well.

[Answer to William Z.'s joke:

Why did the cow cross the road?  To see the Mooooovies.]

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