Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of Centers

Everything went very smoothly on our first day of centers. All the kindergartners knew what was expected of them and they did just that. Here's the story in photos:

I am gathering some baseline information about early literacy skills that will help me plan instruction.

This is a math center extending a lesson we had last week.

Playdough a perennial favorite and good for the hands.

Madilynn's dad helped with the math center on capacity.

Madilynn's mom is a reptile expert.

 She brought a leopard gecko to centers.

This fellow has bugs for breakfast.

Yum. I saw him chomp bug #3.

When centers are done, it's time for books.

Because we're go quick to do our work & clean up....

There is time at the end of the day for play.
I did not have my camera along for our PE lesson with Mrs. Campbell nor the library visit to Mrs. Burger's library, but both went very well.

Such a great class!

Three reminders for your calendar—

Wednesday, September 5, tomorrow evening,  is Back to School Night. We go from 6:00 to 6:30 I will talk about the year ahead in kindergarten.

Friday, September 7 is school picture day. Please be right on time in the morning. Kindergarten goes first.

Monday September 10 is a teacher work day. No school for students.

Be well.

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