Monday, September 17, 2012

Crested Gecko, Fish, Parachutes, & Pizza

This morning we began a new week and a new round of centers. The centers include Madilynn's mother, Jennifer's reptile study center. This week we're having the chance to see and study a gecko native to New Guinea, the Crested Gecko. This fellow looks pretty fierce, but this kind of gecko actually eats rotting fruit and the bugs you might find in that fruit.

Mrs. Everson is teaching the next lesson in our kindergarten science curriculum. It is about observing  goldfish. She went to the pet store to buy some goldfish and brought them to school for us to look at closely and talk about what we notice about them.

Mary's mom led the parachute center. She made little parachutes from paper cups, paper towels, string and scotch tape. They float to the ground amazing well.

I pulled myself off my usual reading center in favor of covering the cooking center. We read a simple book about making pizza and then made mini pizzas with English muffins as a pizza crust, some organic tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and, for those who like it, a slice of pepperoni to go on top.

Adding cheese

Folded over, they make calzones.
These can make a great little dinner—custom homemade pizzas made with the help of your kindergartner. More fun and maybe cheaper than a pizza from the pizzeria.

Some new words your child might have heard around kindergarten:

Two words for hungry: "famished" and "ravenous"

A phrase for not seeing something: "escaped my notice"

Finally, thank you to all who've sent back that blue form. Soon you'll see photos with less cropping.

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