Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Conquering Fear

Some moments in kindergarten are sublime. Today had one of those moments.

It happened when Aidan walked up to me. He was beaming. "Mr. Gurney, I got to hold a gecko in my hands and I wasn't scared."

Aidan with gecko in hand....
I asked him to show me. We went over to the gecko center.

Then, pretending to have some fear of geckos myself, I said, "I want to try it, too." I was hoping to show another boy who was afraid to hold the gecko how a fear might be handled, but in this case, the boy didn't want to even watch me. I held it anyway. Nothing to be scared of.

Photo by Janelle Petersen
Madilynn broght along her grandma, Candi, who works for the Red Cross and was returning to her home in Hawaii after helping the flood victims in Louisiana.

Madilynn shared her Mimi.

She told us about her work with the Red Cross. In a very real sense, the Red Cross does the same work we do here: helping people feel safe, happy, and kind.

Because she is a nurse, Candi also helps people stay healthy.

Our friend Wyatt has been diligently studying the Soundabet at home. He really has zeroed in on it. In fact, he knows the whole thing! When that happens I feel happy and reward the whole class with some extra recess in the hope that others will want to follow in Wyatt's footsteps.

Wyatt knows the Soundabet

Robert is on deck for the Soundabet tomorrow.

Be well.

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andy tester said...

Thank you so much for these posts mr gurney. its great to get a chance to know everyone