Thursday, September 13, 2012

Blog Permissions & KIDS Club

Blog Permission

Tomorrow your child will bring home a paper note from me with regard to this blog. Its purpose is to secure your permission to have your child appear on this blog.

Without your permission, your child will recede far into the background of this blog. No pictures. No name. He or she might appear in a group photo, but even then, I might digitally blur out your child's face with photo editing tools.

Typically, the vast majority of parents give permission by checking the "Yes" box and returning the bottom portion of the blue form.

But unless you do, well, I will assume you don't want your child's photo to appear on the blog or  to have me mention your child in my accounts of the class.

The note is on blue paper. Watch for it.

KIDS club

Some parents will also receive an envelope with an invitation for your child to receive supplemental instruction in KIDS club.

KIDS club meets on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday after kindergarten in the afternoons. I provide students in KIDS club with additional instruction and activities in early literacy skills. It is designed to help keep the class together moving ahead through the terrain of early literacy as quickly as possible.

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