Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Here's a photograph of the pocket chart displaying the activities we did today.

We sang "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" at Carley's request. She also requested the "Chicken Dance" which we all enjoyed.

She brought string cheese, strawberries, and pirate's booty. The class really enjoyed it. The math lesson went so smoothly that I'm pretty sure that none of the students realized the lesson we did came out of the math textbook.

We visited the school library and met the librarian, Mrs. Burger, who read us a story. The PE teacher reported the class to be very good.

One thing that didn't make the chart was showing that you've learned the names of all the kindergarten classmates. Robert asked to take the microphone to show everyone he knows everyone's names. Sure enough, he does! This achievement is marked by getting a little red paper heart by the name on he wall. So his name is the first to display this milestone of learning in kindergarten. Congratulations, Robert!

We have started making our names in all uppercase letters using beans. The first letters of each name have now been completed.  The kids did a very good job on these letters as you can see from the photo of these first letters in the drying rack.

All those beans lying side by side.

Be well. And know that a more than a few students told me that they're tired. I recommend an earlier bedtime for the kids. (And for me too!)

Be well.

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