Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kindergarten Rock & Roll

We're really rockin' and rollin' in kindergarten now.

Curtis brought a book to read about a boy who wanted to be a cat.

We are nearly finished gluing down the 4,000 or so beans to spell out all our names. The names will most likely be up in time for Back to School Night on Wednesday, September 5. The kids who finished early came to the mat to wait for the others to finish.

Wyatt showed the class his way of rocking on his back. The kids enjoyed this little gymnastic exercise as they waited for everyone to finish up.

Rockin' and a rollin'

At the end of the day, Grace decided it was high time she knew how to ride a bicycle on just two wheels. She set herself to the task of learning how to do it. With absolutely no help from me or Mrs Everson, and with just a few minutes of persistent trying, she was able to ride ten feet or so.

Twenty minutes later, at the end of bike time she was riding all around the playground with only a few wobbles here and there.

Grace rides for the first time.
All three of the students who rode on two wheels today have older siblings.... Grace, Noah, and Leland. Having an older brother or sister around to show what being a kid is all about really does help.

A rollin' and a rockin'
Seven families have provided the emergency kits we stockpile in the classroom in case of a natural disaster.

They're basically a ziploc bag with shelf-stable foods along with loving note from the family. If you haven't gotten yours in yet please do. You can turn them in to me or Mrs. Everson.

Please feel free to talk to the school office if you need additional information about putting together  these kits.

Thank you.

Be well.

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