Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012 News

Well, we did it, and we did it in style—we finished our first week of kindergarten and with only a few "I miss Mom!" tears. Those were outnumbered 21 to 1 with smiles. I've heard from many of you that your child is happy here and already enjoys being in kindergarten. That's wonderful.

As most of you know, I intend this blog to give you the information you need to know about kindergarten and to give you some material to get conversations started at home. You want your child to tell you as much as possible about experiences in kindergarten. Their retelling develops their language skills and their ability to communicate. These skills provide the foundation for writing well. Think of it as the most important part of your child's homework. It is vital.

I try to put up a post here most school days. Sometimes life (long meetings) happens and I skip a day. But usually I will put up something, so I encourage you to check in here whenever you want to "check in" on kindergarten, even once a day on school days.

So what happened today? We got out Cuisenaire rods and used them to explore what might be done with them. They are a math manipulative that can be used to illustrate math concepts in very hands-on, concrete ways. For now we're just exploring them.

Ryder's parking lot & a staircase

We made a graph showing class birthdays and how the birthdays fall into the months of the year.

None in February; 5 in July

We went out to PE, taught by our PE specialist, Ms. Jane Campbell. We have PE on Tuesdays and Fridays. It is important to send your kindergartner to school with sturdy playground shoes on those days.

Jaelyn's sturdy shoes would please any PE teacher....
The kids already want to play the ukulele. A couple of kids got a chance to strum and Taea did great. Here she is in front of the eager audience after playing Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

She has a nice, even strum
Lots have asked about the snack calendar.  Here is the schedule for next week:

Click to embiggen

And here is September's Snack Calendar:

A click of the mouse will make this bigger.
Finally, if your child has little to say, open a conversation about Archy, my puppet mouse. Say,
"Tell me about Archy."

Archy. In preschool or kindergarten for 34 years....

Or ask some of these questions:

What gave Archy a stomachache today?

Why is there a marker in his mouth?

What did Archy have for snack today?


Brooke Tester said...

yay for the first week!

Melody White said...

So excited to be apart of your class again this year! What a treat!!!!!

Dan Gurney said...

Hey, you guys,

Thank you for commenting. It is encouraging to hear from you.

I'm glad to be back and I am enjoying the class. What a great group of kids.