Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day Two

Another nice day in school. We're building up our routines, finding out where the "boundaries" are and generally relaxing into a good place for learning.

Tomorrow we will work some math lessons into the schedule.


Several of you have asked about volunteering.

We use parent volunteers in a variety of ways.

By far the most work is leading instructional centers in the first hour of each day. Typically a parent will agree to stay until 8:45 one day per week (or more than one day, depending on interest and availability) to lead a small group lesson during center time. You'll get a table with 4 students and an instructional activity to do with them.  Sometimes a team of people (often composed of a father and mother or of grandparents and parents) commits to a slot in the schedule.

You can sign yourself up by filling out a yellow square of paper with your name on it and placing that slip of paper into a slot on the blue pocket chart posted on the wall just inside the classroom door.

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