Friday, June 8, 2012

OO! Kindergartners in School!

Here's a picture taken during our final group photo session out by the sculpture that brightens each of my days at Dunham.

It's been a wonderful year. I have enjoyed the privilege of being the kindergarten teacher here for another year.

I have particularly enjoyed seeing the students develop emotionally and socially in the course of the year. They are more confident and outgoing. They are more expressive and joyful. And of course, they have all come a long, long ways down the road to literacy and numeracy. Their smiles make workdays as enjoyable as weekends.

When their faces lit up with that "I GET IT! I REALLY GET IT!!" look of understanding, my work feels as meaningful and important to me as work can possibly be. Classes like this one make me grateful to have chosen teaching as my life's work. (Or did teaching choose me? I'm really not so sure.)

"Being with your kindergartners makes my day!"

I will remember this class fondly all summer long.

I remember them fondly now.

Happy Trails.

May you,

Be Safe.
Be Happy.
Be Kind.


Anonymous said...

The Poncia's will forever think the same of you. Andy and I have enjoyed 3 great classes of kindergarten at Dunham, you make more than just the kids smile :)...Thank you.

Anonymous said...

My only wish is that our other two girls had the honor of having you and Mrs Everson for Kindergarten. The Larson family can not thank you enough for all the love and support you showed all year long to Mackenzie. God Bless!

Alicia Petersen said...

Joe was blessed to have you as his kindergarten teacher and has always talked very highly of you as a person and as a teacher. This year we were blessed a second time to have you as Calebs kindergarten teacher. My has he grown up. He is more outgoing, more intelligent, and more well rounded because of your class. We thank you greatly for your kindness and education throughout the year. Maybe we will be lucky enough to go through this experience one more time in 2 years...?!

Anonymous said...

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