Friday, June 8, 2012

OO! Kindergartners in School!

Here's a picture taken during our final group photo session out by the sculpture that brightens each of my days at Dunham.

It's been a wonderful year. I have enjoyed the privilege of being the kindergarten teacher here for another year.

I have particularly enjoyed seeing the students develop emotionally and socially in the course of the year. They are more confident and outgoing. They are more expressive and joyful. And of course, they have all come a long, long ways down the road to literacy and numeracy. Their smiles make workdays as enjoyable as weekends.

When their faces lit up with that "I GET IT! I REALLY GET IT!!" look of understanding, my work feels as meaningful and important to me as work can possibly be. Classes like this one make me grateful to have chosen teaching as my life's work. (Or did teaching choose me? I'm really not so sure.)

"Being with your kindergartners makes my day!"

I will remember this class fondly all summer long.

I remember them fondly now.

Happy Trails.

May you,

Be Safe.
Be Happy.
Be Kind.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sneak Peek

Today all the grades paid a quick visit to the grade above them so as to get a "sneak peek" at the classroom and teacher next fall.

I am so enmeshed in assessments that I completely forgot about it. The sixth grade class walked in while I was giving a DIBELS assessment to one of my students.

The rest of the class was having "choice time" in the room.

After sending the kindergartners to visit Ms. Buckner in her first grade room, I asked our sixth graders if they would prefer having an "Flashback to Kindergarten" rather than my usual conversation about memories of kindergarten.

Not surprisingly, they chose to revisit kindergarten play in reality as opposed to talking about it and so that's what we did.

Most of the sixth grade girls congregated around the play dough table...

While most of the boys got into the blocks and little cars.

I think they had a better time after all. Sometimes you cannot plan your best lessons. They just happen.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Impressive Six Year-old Guitarist

What a lucky kid to have a grandpa to make music with!