Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Patience, Patience

This week's Toolbox Project tool is the Patience Tool.

Tomorrow's homework will include a letter from Toolbox creator Mark Collin about patience together with an activity you can do at home to spark discussion on this tool.


People sometimes say to me, "You sure have a lot of patience." Maybe so, but I wonder if that's really true.

Inside it feels like I have a normal amount of patience—not very much at all. I feel like I'm often just about out of patience.

What keeps my from "losing it" all the time is that I've cultivated my breathing tool. It's handy whenever my patience runs out. If I need more help than the breathing tool can give me, inside I use my Quiet Place Tool and take a quick vacation there. It's important to me to have a vividly-visualized Quiet Place to visit whenever the need arises. (The dentist's chair is one such place.)

And if the Breathing and Quiet Place Tools can't get the job done, there's always a ukulele nearby to pick up and strum.... well, not in the dentist's chair. But in kindergarten, yes.

Be well.

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