Sunday, May 6, 2012

Farewell, Cale!

Friday was Cale's last day in kindergarten. He's moving to Texas with his family. I think Cale's family will be very happy in their new home. I know Cale's dad is excited by the prospect of moving to Texas. He's in the restaurant business and he relies on teenagers to serve customers. He's quite sure that his new employees will come with enhanced social graces.

The thing is, Southern hospitality is for real. When we visit my son in Georgia, we notice the extra measure of friendliness and the willingness to take the time to see, to talk to, and to connect with people—even in casual encounters, say with a bus driver.

So fare well, Cale. May your new kindergarten be a safe, happy, kind, and hospitable place for children.

By the way, our next tool in the Toolbox kit is The Please and Thank You tool.

So we'll try to add a dash of Southern hospitality to our California kids.

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