Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Catching Up/Parent Volunteers Off till Monday

It's been a few days since I last posted. It's not for lack of things to report. Just the opposite—we've been so busy I haven't found the time to report. So let me cut to the chase:

Last Saturday I was able to make it out to see some Cal Ripkin League baseball. I saw the White Sox play the A's and the Rangers play the Brewers. I was particularly interested in seeing the players who hail from this classroom.

It's been Teacher Appreciation Week at Dunham. We've had Starbucks drinks, decorated doors, and, today fruit bouquets that Nathan's mom April made for me and Mrs. Everson. The bouquets are placed inside bowls made from watermelons. Fabulous. Thank you April!

Drew demonstrated his mastery of the Queen's cards and the ability to read his classmates' names. His accomplishments helped us achieve a play day tomorrow at Center time.

Ditto for Phoenix. His brother happened to be there when Phoenix did it, so I took a photo of Phoenix together with his proud big brother.

If you're a regular parent volunteer on Thursdays or Fridays you have 5/10 and 5/11 off duty. We're between sets of centers and we may want to work on something for Sunday.

At the close of the day today, Kayla Sue's mom brought their 4-month old puppy, Brutus to share with the class. This puppy loves kids. Kayla Sue answered the questions asked. Amazing how many times the same question (How old is he?) was asked. We could figure out he was born in January.

Here's the list of words that kindergartners can study and learn as early readers. A letter was sent home to guide you in practicing these words at home. As I've said before, we depend upon families to give the one-on-one practice at home. If you think it's hard to provide that practice at home, imagine trying to do one-on-one practice here with 28 kids to look after! Difficult at best. (If I could give a kid 100% of my attention that would mean 27 others get 0%. If everything were divvied up evenly, which it isn't, that would mean to get 1 minute of my undivided attention your child would have to spend 27 minutes with none of my attention.)
Read the letter sent home today for directions.
Finally, please reinforce at home the importance on washing hands. Right now there is a number of Dunham School students, including kindergartners, out with illnesses of various sorts. As I like to say,

Be well.

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