Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Today my brother, the artist, emailed me to tell me about giving a lecture at Rhode Island School of Design. After the lecture a young woman student, Liz Mooney, came to the front to tell my brother of her memories of kindergarten fourteen years ago when Jim came here to this classroom to do a drawing demonstration.

It always cheers me to hear from former kindergartners who are living their dreams. It is my hope, too, that each of your children live their dreams. Here is a picture of that event:

Liz and Jim in Rhode Island

I sent home a home practice book for you to USE and keep. I hope it inspires many a conversation about numbers and other math ideas in your home.

We are working for our next play time reward. I am hoping that tomorrow four more kids can show mastery of the 18 sight words.

One more note:

Friday and Monday I will be meeting next year's kindergarten class. There will be a substitute for me.

Be well.

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