Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Another day in kindergarten with many happy moments.

We learned about empathy. We read and discussed the book I mentioned yesterday and will read another book about empathy tomorrow. The main idea of our study of empathy is learning to understand and relate to your own and other people's feelings. We like people who understand our feelings. So learning empathy will connect us with the people in our lives.

Mrs. Burger read Olivia's book about Fancy Nancy. The class enjoyed learning some new words that appear in that book.

Kayla Sue returned to school today. She got the Soundabet Boy by her name by reading all the names on the wall.

And of course that made her happy.

Tomorrow we will take home the second set (of three sets) of sight words. Add these to the first set so that 12 sight words are mastered by a week from tomorrow when the third set will come along.

Remember that there is no school for kids on Friday or Monday.

Be well.

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