Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday 4/24/12

Caleb was the person of the day today. He brought snack and a story to share, this one a retelling of the movie Cars 2. The only person not familiar with the storyline seemed to be me. I liked the message about the importance of friends. However I would rather the importance of friends be contrasted not to lifetime achievements (as with this plot) and instead contrasted friendship with the desire for lots of possessions. Be that as it may....

Diana turned 6 today. Two nicely decorated cupcakes found their way into kindergarten thanks to a sixth grader, Hannah, who shares this birthday. Diana and Caleb got to share the cupcakes with their friends. Here's what her cupcakes looked like:

These are cupcakes, not goldfish bowls.

Tuesday is library day. We posed this picture to give you an idea of what it looks like when they're listening attentively to one of Ms. Burger's stories. She read a story today about a Great Dane dog called Pinkerton and a penguin.

This picture was posed.

The students in KIDS club are rapidly making progress in early reading skills. I am VERY pleased with their academic growth.

Be well.

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