Tuesday, April 17, 2012

They Did It!

The kindergarten fulfilled my hope that 10 students master the 18 sight words before April 18. The most recent two to reach this achievement, Vanessa and Olivia, did it this morning. So the group has earned a day off centers for some choice time activity. Even better: there is a good number on the bench or in the on-deck circle whose eyes tell me, "I KNOW all 18 words." So we'll soon be on our way to earning another playtime. I am loving the way the class supports each other in learning and celebrates each classmate's success together. It makes it a joy to be here.

Tomorrow will also be our April day with our fifth grade buddies. So it will be a nice Wednesday.

Raegan showed me that she knows all the Queens cards. She finished with plenty of sand in the glass:

[I took photos, but for some reason cannot get them to load.]

Raegan also can read all her classmate's names. Good for you, Raegan!!

Be well.

See you tomorrow.

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