Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Personal Space in Line

Toolbox Project

Our lesson from the Toolbox today was about how to ask for more personal space when you need it. The kindergartners saw a puppet show and did a role play to bring the point home.

Here's a couple of photos that show the role play:

Olivia crowds Tanner in line....

Tanner asks politely for more personal space...

And Olivia moves back to give him more space.

On another note, a student today told me confidentially, "You know, Mr. Gurney, I really, really, really like using my Quiet Place Tool."

I smiled, pleased to know that this little person finds some comfort, safety, and solace in his life thanks to the Toolbox. I replied, "You know, I like using my Quiet Place Tool too. It sure feels good to go there, to your Quiet Place, doesn't it?"

"Yes, like Christmas Eve in April."

Outside the Box

We talked today about a Tool that, were I an author of Toolbox, I would add to the Toolbox Project: THE ATTENTION TOOL. Knowing how to direct your attention to the instructor is totally key to success in school and in life. This is a tool that successful kindergarten kids have in spades and it's the tool that's missing from the skill set of kids who struggle in school.

The Attention Tool is akin to the Listening Tool, but it's a power tool in my opinion.

Over Easter

Over Easter weekend (on Easter Day itself, actually) I brought to school a couple of nice chairs from my house to go in our Quiet Room. The kids love it. As you can see, when you're happy and with friends, you don't need to have so much Personal Space.

Some Reading Practice

Here's a photo of the pocket chart that opened the day. Can your child read the words on it?

I said the King misspelled "Mall." He should have spelled it "Moll."
What "word" is not really a word? First one to leave the correct answer in the comment section gets to pick a song or a dance tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Emily's answer is pej

Dan Gurney said...

That's it! Congratulations! Emily, tell me what you want to sing or dance tomorrow!