Monday, April 23, 2012


This is a favorite time of kindergarten. The class moves steadily along learning at incredible speed. Even after 30 years, I am astounded by the quick progress that five and six year olds can make. They change and grow so quickly, seemingly unaware of their own remarkable development.

One student was blithely pedaling her bicycle around the playground as if she's been riding bikes for years. Actually she learned to balance on two wheels less than two weeks ago. In her young life, two weeks is ages ago.

Kayla K. showed me that she has mastered her Queen's cards today. There was plenty of sand left in the hour glass when she read the last card. She's on her way.

Tanner struggled to learn all 18 sight words. "Is" and "here" were the last ones to come on board but I think he's got them now. He knew them when we tested him so he could get our bike time back after a NOISY snack.

When Tanner read them all correctly, the class cheered. They were happy that Tanner was able to get their bike time back into the schedule. Tanner was happy, too. He remarked, "I got our bikes back. I'm glad I got the sight words. Now I don't have anything more to learn."

We'll see what Ms. Buckner has to say about that!
Nothing more to learn...

Aidan nailed his King's cards. He's got his own deck of Queen's cards now.
Way to go, Aidan!

Dominic, did what Aidan did. Check out the sand left in the hourglass. Because of Dominic's success, I allowed him to choose what we did for the last ten minutes of KIDS club.  "Can we look for ladybugs?" he asked.

"Sure, no problem. The garden?" I replied.

"Yes," came Dominic's answer.
Dominic is making quick progress.

Dominic has earned a reputation as being the guy who can find bugs, especially ladybugs. You would be amazed.

No sooner had we unlocked the garden gate than Dominic had found them.

One of Dominic's ladybugs.

We found many snails, too. I'll bet we found 100.
Tyler finds a snail

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